Splendour Of The Morning

Unpublished pieces

The day opens with sonnets of sunshine. 
Senseless rage of heat which invites 
the splendour of the morning. 
A man sits on his porch watering 
his flowers 
which he 
had wasted his time planting 
during the Victoria Day weekend. 
Fixated on the growth of his 
which he 
has used to replace the need 
to water growth in himself. 
In another hour he would rush 
into the shower 
drink another coffee 
jump into his car 
rush off to work. 
Another bright sunshine day 
locked inside his employment. 
Forms and documents would 
insist upon his time 
which he would resent 
which he would deal with 
as quickly as possible 
scattering marks upon paper 
in a flurry of activity 
suggesting he was a very busy man. 
At five p.m., not a second later, 
he would re-enter his car and 
drive himself back home. 
Pulling into the driveway 
putting away the car 
stepping over to the garden 
where he took great delight 
in trampling the flowers into the dirt.

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You are a genius. A true

You are a genius. A true artist.

Vive le Quebec libre!