Get Hard

Unpublished pieces


You want my surrender.
I can sense it.
Dampness falling.
Cold air in the room.
we melt the ice
between us.
I suggest you stay,
you agree.
I’m getting hard
in anticipation.
You want to sleep with me,
make use of my erection.
Contradict my emotions.
Forgetting my desire.
You want to use me
in an act
of masturbation.
For perspective
I walk
around the house
denying the
wanting of your passion.
We're disagreeing.
I can feel it.
I get hard
my emotions
are harder.
I won't forgive
and forget,
send you flowers
in the morning.
In my heart
there's been a hurricane.
My getting hard
is a waste of our time.
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You are one of the best. Your

You are one of the best. Your poetry is nothing less than brilliant!

Vive le Quebec libre!