Touch Me In A Spiritual Fashion

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Touch me in a spiritual fashion, and together
we can light the skies with the undiscovered
power of faith. Flowing like the wind across
the troubled prairies of disbelief. Hardening
our hearts against the tremors of faithless
neophytes cascading like crushed pebbles
down the ladders of deceit. Our voices can
sing the hymns of release that will empower
us to firmly believe even in the middle of
an unbelieving world. Like streetlights, we
can open our eyes to the possibilities of
living in a sacred zone of infinite protection.
Let the mangled words of protesting demons
sound like garbled nothing to our powerful
sentences of surrender. Surround me with
your armour, and together we can evaporate
the false pretensions of the lost. Imitating the
words of our Gospel as we fly like angels
into the future. Ah, how treasured life is when
we have joined as one soul in the pursuit
of Catholic truth in the swirling lies of the
pagan voices which would deny us eternal life.
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I can appreciate this poem

I can appreciate this poem even though I am in no way catholic, in fact, I might be a pagan. ha!