Unpublished pieces

Spirit soaring into tunnels
of fantasies yet to live.
An echo reverberates about the palace
hallways emptied for the feast.

Mindless dribbles collecting ransom
of tonic water held in paper cups.
Gestures spoken yet not directed
for people swaying in time to the
music played by gypsies behind the

The walls, thick stone encroachments
encouraging inhibitions and soul-less hearts
Strong gates would hold in the
purple laced horses of greed.

I'm alone here, I sense it,
the halls are shining with lack of use.
Crying, I reach the point of one
way or another, and so the magic
belongs but I may be in
another form of the castle.

Doorways stay closed
even though I hold the key
and strum the guitar
of other pleasures.

Chains are rattled, creaking
the essence of the farce
Kings and Queens and little boys
playing diamonds in the
centre of their hearts

Open the door, I'm begging
that it remain always alive.

There is a place I want to go,
It is destined in the stars.
The world has opened its doors,
It's calling out my name.
I aim to be 'someone',
Use the chance I have been given.
Not a second will I waste,
It is my time to shine.
Life is a winding maze;
It is easy to get lost.
Let your spirit guide you through,
Let go and you'll be free.
Your mind is your worst enemy,
But also, your best friend.
Release all negative thoughts;
They are the ties on your feet.
Everything happens for a reason;
Your fate has been handed out.
Now take one deep breath;
The world is now, calling you.

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awesome poem

awesome poem

Vive le Quebec libre!