How I Hate You

Unpublished pieces


How I hate you.
From the beginning to the end,
there's a pocket for our hearts
and I'll put yours inside to
squash it like a bug.
Oh how I hate you, how I hate you.
From the raindrops to the fog,
to the nectar of a log
how I want you
to die like a dead bug,
squashed and rejected,
flipped and slipped into
a tiny bug cemetery.
I'll piss on your grave.
Dance a happy dance
around the tombstone
celebrating our goodbye.
How this love has turned to hate
I can't say
I don't care.
Just to sit in a room
without you near my side
is like heaven.
Must be heaven.
How I'll sing a song of joy
when you're decomposing
in the soil...oh how I hate you!
Yes that feels good.
How I hate you.
Good riddance.
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vilmazab's picture

Such strong words to convey

Such strong words to convey hatred emotions, I hope it ebbs down, BECAUSE, in the end, moving on is always the answer...thanks for the corrections, it is well taken..

sanctus's picture

it's an old poem:-)

it's an old poem:-)