Your Eyes

Unpublished pieces

Your eyes seek what I do not have to give. 
You ask for permission to laugh. 
I give it. 
I do not share in it. 
We are hushed in a closet. 
Murmuring endorsements 
to each other. 
I want to stay here 
where it is safe, 
yet I leave. 
You must not share 
my tears. 
They are solitary. 
Your eyes plead with me to stay. 
I cannot promise 
to do so. 
I have already left 
you in my heart, 
though my mouth ensures 
you of my devotion. 
It lies. 
Inside in the mist 
of emotion 
is truth. 
I do not love you anymore. 
I am not sure I ever really 
did love you. 
Being honest I might 
be inclined to say that 
I loved the idea of you. 
Your eyes accuse me of deception. 
I cannot deny it. 
It has been said that 
the eyes reveal the soul. 
My eyes have revealed 
to you the truth. 
I am pretending. 
I cannot give you what you want.

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"Being honest I might  be

"Being honest I might 
be inclined to say that 
I loved the idea of you."

Wow. Those few lines really stuck with me. Not to mention the honesty of the poetry is captivating. 

I will not be another flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget. -Erin Van Vuren