A Corpus Christi Mindset

Unpublished pieces

Mind emptied. 
Tabernacle full. 
Body of Christ. 
I stand before it. 
Mindless motions 
that I 
have performed 
an uncounted 
number of times. 
"Hoc est enim" 
I mutter in 
time honoured fashion. 
They line up like soldiers. 
Eyes embraced with 
words I have given them to say. 
"Corpus Christi; Corpus Christi; Corpus Christi." 
Over and over until the last one has 
returned to his place in the choral filled building. 
They see me as the symbol of God. 
Make the sign of the cross. 
Bless them. 
Bless me. 
Renew me Jesus. 
remind me 

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mlevesque's picture

awesome! Great job!

awesome! Great job!

Vive le Quebec libre!

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I know these words though I

I know these words though I don't speak the tongue.

I run from what you accept in those others. Not in fear, no, thats

just a trick but like animal runs while you extend your hand.