Aquarium Living

Unpublished pieces

There is honesty in the killing 
                 of searchless ambitions. 

Delusions of grandeur and prima donna eyes. 

False sense of pride. 

Scratch your groin and feel the pain 
             of books without words 
                       and wars 
                       without guns. 

Whipping fresh virgins 
        with the caresses of violence. 

Wrapping fist into glove 
                           to punch 
                                        the table. 

Just one more day in the adventure 
                                  of dying. 
Another battle in the disillusionment of time. 

Grabbing no particular pattern 
                        to the screaming 
of the dead lying angry in their graves. 

Put on the cloak of pretend 
                    and drop away 
                                from aquarium living. 

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mlevesque's picture

Great poem!

Great poem!

Vive le Quebec libre!