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I have been
my father's son;
my mother's son;
my grandparents grandson;
my sister's brother;
my wife's husband;
my children's father.

I have been a child;
a student;
a poet;
an artist;
a teacher;
a parent;
a labourer;
an employee;
a social insurance number.

Now I am wondering where I am?
What is "me"?

I seem awash in
various labels,
a variety of tags
that have been
attached to me.
Each is a role to play
that supposedly defines
what I am.

Sometimes I want to disrupt
identify I am
compelled to play.

Upset the apple cart.

Open my wallet
spill out every
piece of paper that
identifies me.

If I throw away my
birth certificate;
does it mean
I have never been born?

If I burn my
Social Insurance Card;
does it mean
I have ceased to exist?

Who am I?
How do I belong in this
mist of roles and perceptions?

I'm not sure anymore
I really know
who I am supposed to be.
Does this mean that I
am nothing?
Nothing, without a
label to purify me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Published in "vox poetica" 2010

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Mss KaNaka's picture

Interesting write, enjoyed your thoughts.
Best wishes.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

you make a very good point in this piece. The thing is society sets the rules for our identity from first breath till last .Unfortunately the individual within is not always "allowed" to surface but only to contain the exterior Identity assigned us. This sometimes makes it difficult for the assigned identity to be at peace with the individual within. I think this is why we all have personal conflict at times when it comes to expressing ourselves because we're not always allowed to do it fully so then we wonder who we really are..That's my opinion for what its worth..

heatherburns35's picture

This I like very much...Gives a person alot to think about...great write...You are a very talented writer.
I have read alot of your work...Enjoyed each very much...