Vanish Without a Trace

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Vanish without a trace, my dear, and
I'll celebrate your funeral with roses

and wine. Jiggle like a fat man wrapped
up in his religious point of view. Speaking

this and that to a sleeping audience.
Craving the super delicious tangles of

frivolous delights. Vanish without a
trace, my dear, and I'll sing your praises to

every dead rat in the alley. Put you inside a
big plastic bag and keep you captivated in

the corner of the room. When the bugs come
out to play I'll say it's your fate and dangle

my opinions in your mind. Electric rock and
roll blasting off an old stereo, guitars jangling

to the beat of a brand new horizon. Flagrant
infractions of parliamentary rule will get

you banned from the ice cream parlour.
And we can put your smoldering bones

into a grinder, letting the smell assault
the politically correct neo-nazi's. Change

the sign if it offends the mind, change the
word and create a new perception. Vanish

without a trace, my dear, and Ill vanish
myself right after you. I'll go away and

you won't have me to hate anymore. We
can both pretend that all of this matters.

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Published in "The Record". Feb. 2010

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mlevesque's picture

nice, powerful piece..very

nice, powerful piece..very moving and good write

Vive le Quebec libre!