Tiny Feet


I saw your tiny face,
And heard your heart beat strong,
At that moment I didn't know,
Soon your heartbeat would be gone.
I loved you and your tiny feet,
I remember clear,
I started to imagine life with,
Then without you here.
I never truly met you,
But I know I loved you so, 
I pictured a life with you,
But then you had to go.
I remember all the feelings,
I knew you were inside, 
But then when you left me,
I just sat and cried.
The loss and the heartbreak,
Tore my world apart, 
But with your dad beside me,
I could mend my heart.
Now I hold my head up high,
And pretend to be so strong,
But every day I think of you,
I know that you are gone.
I remember your tiny feet,
Which is why I now wear,
A little bracelet with a charm,
So I can have you near.
I'll wear it on my wedding day,
As my something blue,
I'll force myself to struggle on,
But I'll always remember you.
By Samantha Hoar
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One of the finest and saddest

One of the finest and saddest musings of the heart

I've been blessed to read.


My heart goes out to you,


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Sad. KS



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a moving

tribute to your love



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot