Snowflakes - NEW


never the same twice
floating down towards the
ground making a blanket
of white covering
the green
grass below falling
into your hands melting
at the warmth tilting your head back
letting them fall into your mouth you taste
them cold and wet melting the instant they touch
your tongue leaning over you pick a handful off the
ground patting and rolling it into a ball throwing
it away from you hitting another
person picking up
another handful you begin patting
it and rolling it again this time laying it in the snow
and rolling it making it bigger than before then leaving it lay
in the specific place you decide you want it then once again you begin rolling another snowball this time making it slightly
smaller than the first which you left in that specific place
within the area of snow once you have it to the size
which you want it you carefully life it in place
on top of the first slightly bigger

snowball you
made then you carefully
create a third snowball slightly smaller
than the last one which you made by laying it in
the snow and rolling it until it is big enough
to your likings then once again carefully
lift it into place above the
last snowball
which you made then find
two sticks from somewhere around where
you are located placing them in the middle snowball
once on either side find something to use as
eyes and buttons and a mouth and a
nose place the
eyes on first on the smallest
snowball you have stacked up then place
the nose slightly below and in the middle between
the two eyes  then place the mouth on
after you do so place the
buttons down the center of the
middle snowball on the same side as the face
once you do this step back and examine your work
you have just acknowledged the wonders of the
snowflake the way which they stick
together forming amazing

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