End the pain" his last thought

life got too hard for him

life never went right in his eyes

everyday a bleak, meaningless existance

Not much fun, not the right friends

suffering, each thought blinding him

building a fantasy world he ought to live

they never suspected he'd end it this way

never thought he was planning this

he never realized how much impact he had

the impact of kindness, an act of love

she lays weeping on his fresh grave

he never gave enough attenion, always wrapped away

locked in his own mind, reality hidden

his suffering never there to them,

but another story in his mind

she gave him all her love

looking for it in return

his pain to great to allow anyone in

he commited the ultimare selffish sin

he took his own life, looking for one object

an object he already had, right there

unconditional love of those around him

she lays the rose, shedding one last tear

"goodbye,bobby, ill miss you,

you gone now, im going to move on,

Ill love you always never forget,

Im not that selfish to put it to an end."

Walking away, she remembers the lonley grave

wonder what she could have done to save

he pushed everyone else away, looking for love

never realizing he had it right in his arms

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This was hot. I enjoyed reading.