Inside Your Head

Outside your living

life is perfect

everything is great,

going towards your goals

Inside your screaming,

wanting to get out

how can you live this life,

how can you live as told?

they expect you to play a part

life will soon take its own course

just follow along and your set.

a dream job, beautifull house you shall get

Exciting, is it not? you want to believe

your conscience pulling you to follow

when you wake up,

you'll know where you'll be tomorrow

change not happening,

everyday its the same

dullness slowly drawing you insane

change you crave, striving for it

fighting, they start to dissapprove

How could you?, they ask

this is not your chosen task!

away you go, following your own path

society disclaiming, what a waste!

she should have better taste!

what you want is finnally yours

as your loved ones show you the door

was it all worth it? you ask

was giving up that life worth this path?

continueing on, slowly deciding

do i work for me or society?

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

This was great! I'm sure millions of us working in society has felt this way at one point or another. Indeed it is a constant struggle. Working for yourself is the best choice though. It's way more rewarding.