the end of the game

the days and nights slip by

my world surrounds me

looking back on where i've been

looking to the present to what i have

the pieces mended the best way possible

struggling to move on, get there

always searching for what isnt there

my sad game of survival replayed

everytime i begin to heal, move on

something happens, life's bindings come undone

why must i always be knocked down?

why does it always have to be this hard?

put it to an end, a constant option

but thrown back as a shred of hope arises

enough's enough, im gone

tired of getting up from where ever i've been thrown

one of life's outcast, one of the ignored

never allowed in the circle's door

forget it all, i dont make a differance

im through, im gone, so goodbye.

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Ozjan Yeshar's picture

Never regret what happened in the past,
it is today that should trust
Misfortunes are bad but giving up is sad.
Never feel sorry for what was not done,
you have the time to make things run.
Life will not stop at what went wrong yesterday;
what count is what you ought to do today.
Never let go or feel low.
You are not the victim of circumstances,
nor the maker of crisis.
Never feel the shame and start to blame.
It is a poison to the soul once you loss the ball.
But tomorrow is knocking,
get out and hear the call.

Cheers to you.

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I've been there.