Elemental Desire

Of the erethal flames we chase you shimmer

The fires of passion halted to a slow simmer

Once ignited never shall they fully die

A breath of chance blown they live from the try

Gestures of the wind whisper to me your name

Soaring with my soul in this dancing flame

Cool breeze slipping by to wash the heated bodies

Washing way the pains of our hearts unhardening

Beneath the tree, under the shade we lay

The ground beneath us upon which the grass sway

Moving to the tune, the blessed earth dances

The songs of the mother slowly enhance

Rain comes to revive the earth’s seed

The flames dancing slowly turned by greed

The feel of you never cooled away

The skys tears not quite the answer today

Upon your life I hereby lie

Never this passion could either of us deny

Loving you now, always, and eternal,

Always the fires of the elements blazing internal

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was, of course, written for my boyfriend, and is meant to reflect our spirituality. I hold a strong belief that the elements (you know, earth wind fire water) are real and play an important part in our lives. Each stanza of the poem represents an element. The first one is Fire, the second one is Air, the third Earth, the fourth water, and the last one is the Element spirit. Spirit is the 5th element that some belief and religion structures claim, and one I see is very real. Hope it makes some kind of sense.

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Hahahahah. Of course make sense. I just got lost in the last part. Hehehehe. Well, I am always lost.
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~