The Enchanted Forest

Come, walk the paths with me

Into the enchanted forest we’re free

Careful where you walk, the paths are hidden

The keepers will share the way only if you listen

Take with you only what you need

The essentials of life, just you and the creed

Listen closely to the sounds

For the whispers of the wind will show you around

A fresh drink of water from the lake my dear?

Look into your reflection and lend it your ear

The heavens will shine thought the dark dreams

Everything is not exactly as it seems

Start the fire for a dance of light

As the flames flicker away the cold night

Any questions that arise may be taken

Just whisper the wonder in our direction

The old ones are here for your reach

Turn to the tree of knowledge for what you seek

The keepers are near at all times

Just give the hidden bell a chime

We wish you luck and love on your trails

For any direction the winds decide to sail

Welcome to the enchanted forest, our domain

The secrets are here for you to claim

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not many get this one. its meant to be that way.. i wrote it for a website and the flow is built to represent a romp in the forest, just like the navigation is built.

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mar's picture

I didn't get the meaning or the hidden message. Hahahaha. Maybe I ain't the smart. hehehe
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~