Tomorrows February 14th 2003

Into the air the breath falls

Of how long we’ve been here,

I cannot recall

My love,

there is only you

There is nothing that can be as true.

When we touch, the flames ignite,

Providing a new world of lost insight…

Where will we be in tomorrow’s time?

Living out all of the days until death’s chime

Even death could never separate the souls,

Hide the essence of the pleasures in your hold

Tomorrow can never tell who or what will come

Time can never tell where we will go or came from

Timeless, you can never measure us

From the heavens we have the bless

The bless of eternal love, never dying

Through life our souls forever flying

I found you in this round on earth

Hopefully again in the next life’s birth

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mar's picture

Does the tittle go with the poem? Cuz I see some connection, but not the much.
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~