Dreams of fantasies, longing and pain

Dreams of you, slowly driving me insane

No longer are they simple wishes of bliss

but an acidic obsession for the taste of your kiss

Trying with all I can just to be around you

for that one chance you'll notice me out of the blue

To shy to ever speak your given name

Quietly I watch, playing my little game

Dreaming of the day I let my guard down

Dreaming of the courage I want to renown

Once your mine life will never be the same

Once your mine I will have finally beaten the game

Sickness driving me along, wish I could say

Everything you mean to me, that I pray everyday

Pray for the moment my dreams can come true

Pray for the dreams to slowly come to an eternal end

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mar's picture

Hahaha.Good dreams. U r more than a good poet.
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~