Dear Death

I sit patiently and wait

for a simple gesture of fate

come for me, my darling shadow

I'm through with being up the creek without a paddle

life simply has no more meaning

i don't know if my soul can take many more beatings

come for me, my love, upon the horse

a look into your eyes will set the course

dear death, save me from my hell

it'll be our little secret, no stories to tell

my knight in shining armor

a caress as soft as the cats fur

one more day upon mortals is here

i shed my day's last tear

darling, please come to get me

i don't know how much longer i can be

i miss the days of youth

never awoken to life's harsh truths

ill wait here, for ever faithful

sitting upon my bed in nightfall

ill wait a lifetime for your kiss

the day to come for simple bliss

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Alex Pico's picture

i really felt this peice. i love the way its written and how you masked the fear of death as a gift.

mar's picture

Good one. I love it. Love the tittle, gives a lot info about the poem.
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~