Terror Hits Home

American society was brought together for a change

When the World Trade Center went down with a bang

Pearl harbor relived

is about the only comparison you can give

hearing about it on the news is not the same

when hijackers wrecked hopes in flames

thousands killed, many lost in ruble

not one suspected there was trouble

failure of security goes to show you

we all are all through

worrying about petty problems is put away

we will always remember that horrible day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written about a day after 9-11. That day was a tragedy nothing could match. May hell, if there is a hell, take care of those who took so many innocent lives.

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Andrew Waterman's picture

It's too bad you don't realize that the CIA, an organization directly connected to the American government, funded and trained thousands of Afghans, including Osama Bin Laden.

Ozjan Yeshar's picture

Great nations spring out of tragedies. Cheers.

mar's picture

Well, ur poem is good. But I didn't feel it deep. So u r a good poet. But.... This poem is 2 from 10. Not the good. I like it, but ain't enough.
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~