Night Ryders

Life in dull shades illuminated by the faint street lamps

Stand the unknown and feared

Life's outcast reaching for the love so unfamiliar

A single tear never wasted on these from the shadows

Every walk of life these few and unfortunate have know

The love of living lost and never shown

"Homeless." a simple term to be used

Bums and Beggars walk among the streets

the nightriders forced to walk with them in fleets

broken homes, drugs, and torn families

one thing in common they all seem to know

trust no one, not even yourself

trust one, hearts set on the back shelf

These nightriders no older then two decades

Forced to live under the shield of night

Never getting anything unless putting up a fight

How can life just ignore them and forget?

Their lives headed nowhere, they didn't ask for this

no one showing them the way,

no way of knowing how to get their due of life's pay

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mar's picture

Good poem. Interesting tittle!
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~