To Be Me

They said I wasn't like them

that i would never be

looking for that love, in all the wrong places

acceptance i craved, longing for the ease

the pain grew so great,

it felt like i was trapped inside

a sad story, my tears still fresh

from being happy on the outside all the time

to be me, all i ever wanted

a word of praise, a word of kindness

was what i longed for

pushed behind this mask i wear

outside I'm confident, happy n carefree

but at night the tears still come

flowing like fresh rain from the trees

all i ask, all i want, i cant have

pushed to the extremes, these wreck less dreams

i asked for one thing, one day i hope to receive

to climb out of this shell, a time to be me

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Jenny Pearson's picture

This is kind of sad, yes, and I'm sorry you feel like that sometimes, but hey. Just by writing this poem you are being YOU! And that's a very beautiful thing.

Shaketa Copelin's picture

I felt this. this was a really good write!

mar's picture

Cool poem. Like ur other ones. Hehehehe. Good tittle.
Have a nice and beautiful life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~My Best Wishes~