Horror fills my veins with every beat my heart pulsates,
fear tingles all traces of warmth with every thought formulated,
desire comes to being only at the contemplation of death's eternal embrace,
enlightenment be sensed only through the strains of perpetuated struggle,
rest be earned only through the denial of all, and the manifestation of nothingness,
peace only be seen in the midst of war and ultimate turbulence,
stillness of mind only be attained through the trembling of a tear's fall,
pain be alleviated by none but the attitude of pure apathy,
blight be illuminated only through the acknowledgement of truth's dark side,
belief be diminished with each principle adhering to any emanation of intellect,
hope in this moment, damnation be potent in every other possibility or precedented period of time,
Suffering engrained in all forms of exaggerated existence,
in every speck of fabric ever to embody the inherent shadow of our untrained sight,
in every pleasure masking the source of true fulfillment, in every word which complies to the confines of the senses, in every dream which is blocked with the searing daggers of madness,in every feeling which arises not out of the absolution of the divinity of love, in every endeavour in which i've attempted to redeem myself in vain, in every moment i've lacked the will to put on an authentic smile, in every memory burdening me with the shackles of frequent bombardment of the spirit, in every situation where i discover that no one could possibly fathom the magnitude of agony i've had to endure, in every awakening i've had that betrays the most treacherous of truths in the realm of my worn conscience, which reminds me that i'm all alone

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hope u appreciate this :)

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