A letter of hope;

The year is 2048, day, unknown. Month… unknown.  After the war few survived I was told. Everything we knew, disappeared, there was only death. My father told me once there where living animals and how beautiful they were. But we took advantage of them, eating and killing everything; now in the vast ocean there are only jellyfishes. Our group believes that they are the souls of the lost animals; some say is evolution itself that somehow it will start all over again. After killing and sploiting Earths resources, after leaving the Planet with no life but humans, war began, fighting for food and water,. Forget about gold, or diamonds, nobody wanted them, not even the rascals, (the rascals are the lowest of our community the disgrace of humanity) you could found them everywhere, in all sizes and shapes, things you wouldn’t imagine once people would die for it, even for the smallest glittering stone. The globe was divided, the richest and most powerful continents had more supplies than the other lands, they obviously where the weak ones. I don’t know from which one I am from. I think we are not in a bad place, because once a week we all go to the center of the cave and we can gaze at the moon by walking some feet high above for a while. Its not possible to do the same with the sun, it will burn your eyes. There’s one thing I don’t know, or I don’t find myself to figure it how, but I find it very ironic. The elders, (The wise people we have left) teach us that human civilization started in where we are know, in caves, long and underground caves and now few of us are living the same and it is going to its end. We’ve been outlaws, refugees or how ever you wanted to call it, living deep underground. I certainly don’t know for how long but as my brothers and sisters we where born here, in the dark. Few living among us where from above, from where once birds could fly, and only little remembered looking at the sun once. We know the war is everywhere, but we don’t know when it’s going to end or if it will end some day.  Hope is all we have, there’s not too many in here so we don’t waste any time praying to the unknown.  We hope that some day, our civilization will return back from where once belong. But not us, this will take its time. We cant communicate with other people because we are limited in our technology, there’s not much, we made tunnels for sound traveling and hear a message if your far, our explorers go everyday to seek and light is the fire. But we know there are others, because one day, one of the explorers found more survivors. We now trade crystals for metals coal need. Year 2050, day, unknown. Month… unknown. As years have passed by, we’ve lose some connections, but we’ve gained new technology, we stopped to receive coal, and started to trade a new mineral, but of great use, we still don’t know all of its usage, experts are analyzing some of its properties. This is how, we’ve become bigger, thanks to the Royal Society of Explorers, the finest men. We still have no connection with the upper world. We are starting to lose faith, its not easy to learn how to see in the dark. But the hope is bigger,  we keep looking. Year unknown, day unknown, month unknown. We decided it was better to stop counting the days, most of life down here, stopped believing someday we will got out. We don’t know if  there’s still a war. I’m sure this will be my last writing, but down here is no place for men, we should have taken care of what lived among us, we should have learned how to share our World.  And if you’re up there, good luck.