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The above picture is of William C. Sullivan, number 3 man at the FBI, murdered while investigating Henry Kissinger and Mark Felt, Deep Throat, number 2 man at the FBI., for President Richard Nixon. Sullivan was murdered by a sniper who was the son of a NH state trooper.


  W Mark Felt, Deep Throat, 2nd in command

at FBI, who conspired

with Henry Kissinger, Nelson Rockefeller,

and E Howard Hunt to create a burglary of

which Nixon was not at the time aware...

and gradually to build a case for impeachment.


The 2nd in command at the FBI when Nixon was president was Mark Felt, Deep Throat, who worked with Henry Kissinger, E Howard Hunt, and Nelson Rockefeller to impeach Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew in order to pave the way for Nelson Rockefeller to become president. 

The third in command at the FBI was William Sullivan who at Nixon's request was investigating Kissinger's crimes.  William Sullivan was shot to death near his retirement home in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. His death was called a hunting accident.

The above  Felt, Kissinger, Hunt and Rockefeller created the Watergate burglar scenario and orchestrated its completion through the Meyer family owned Washington Post.

When, their mission accomplished, Nixon resigned, Gerald Ford was named his replacement,

and nominated Nelson Rockefeller as vice president.

Henry Kissinger's bombing of Cambodia, murder of Salvatore Allende etc etc went unpunished.

Lynette "Sequeaky" Fromme, CIA and Charles Manson operative, tried to kill Gerald Ford.

She did not succeed, and Nelson Rockefeller's scheme failed.

Gerald Ford was the only man to serve as both vice president and president without being elected either time.

It is sad that neither of the 2 films "Nixon" with Anthony Hopkins and "All The President's Men" with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, mentions the architects of Watergate: Felt and Kissinger.

What were the causes of this conspiracy:  a. Nixon is recorded on the White House tapes telling Billy Graham that after elected to his second term he would end Zionist control of US radio and tv. b. the ambition of Nelson Rockefeller


From Wikipedia.com in reference to the murder of William C Sullivan, third ranking FBI man, and 5 other FBI men .... all in 1977.... all were scheduled to testify before Congress on the assassination of President Kennedy .. among other items they were scheduled to testify on Hoover's role in the assassination.


"The following passages were published in 2007 by Robert D. Novak in his memoir, The Prince of Darkness.

"Sullivan came to our house in the Maryland suburbs in June 1972 for lunch and a long conversation about my plans for a biography of Hoover (a project I abandoned as just too ambitious an undertaking). Before he left, Bill told me someday I probably would read about his death in some kind of accident, but not to believe it. It would be murder.

"On November 9, 1977, days before he was to testify to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, twenty minutes before sunrise, sixty-five-year-old William C. Sullivan was walking through the woods near his retirement home in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, on the way to meet hunting companions. Another "hunter", Robert Daniels, Jr., a twenty-two-year-old son of a state policeman, using a telescopic sight on a .30 caliber rifle, said he "mistook" Sullivan for a deer, shot him in the neck, and killed him instantly.

The authorities called it an accident, fining Daniels five hundred dollars and taking away his hunting license for ten years. Sullivan's collaborator on his memoir, the television news writer Bill Brown, wrote that he and Sullivan's family were "convinced" that the death was "accidental."

Sullivan was one of six current or former FBI officials who died during a six-month period in 1977, before they were to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, all men who were slated to give testimony about FBI circumstances related to the death of United States President John F. Kennedy, and the FBI role in the Warren Commission.[3]

"Sullivan's death did not prevent publication of the memoir, telling all about the disgrace of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. After Watergate, with all the principals dead or out of office, it received little attention."

Sullivan is buried in his family's plot at St. Michael Cemetery in Hudson, Massachusetts, with his wife, Marion Hawkes, as well as his parents, sister and other relatives."




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