Does The NSA Spy In Church Confessionals, AA Groups, Class Action Lqwsuit Conferences, Visits To Shrinks?



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Does the National Security Agency, one of the secret police agencies in the US with 30,000 or more employees, bug church confessionals, AA and other 12 step and support groups, visits to shrinks, lawyer conferences in class action
lawsuits, medical records, and other

Is anything exempted from their invasive tactics used for everything from imperialist military actions and assassination squads  to blackmail and insider trading? The NSA's virtually unlimited snooping powers were initiated by an executive order.

Edward Snowdon revealed that the NSA sends ALL of its raw
data to the Netanyahu administration in Israel.

Libraries across the US have their hours cut back and
out of date computers ... because the money for health care,
education, and the people's wellbeing is going to spies and
criminal wars.

Footnote: Mike Lawson, formerly with Naval Intelligence,
in his book House Divided, writes of NSA, CIA, FBI,
and Pentagon executives taking upon themselves
assassination decisions while fighting with each other.
His book is excellently written and a thriller.
One wishes in future books he will correct disinformation
... about 911 which was a US-Mossad operation, about
Bob Woodward, an agent of Henry Kissinger and Mark Felt
in setting up Nixon in WAtergate, about President
Carter's rescue mission of the US hostages held in
Iran, which was an Oliver North sabotage operation.

Some of the unelected agencies in the US involved in spying... on each other and many more:

1. CIA

2. NSA

3. FBI

4. Homeland Security FEMA

5. Dept of Defense

6. National Geospatical Intelligence Agency

7. Defense Intelligence Agency

8. Marine Corps Intelligence

9. Office of Naval Intelligence

10. US Department of Energy

11. Office Of Intelligence And Counterintelligence

12. Coast Guard Intelligence

13. Securities and Exchange Commission

14. Drug Enforcement Agency

15. Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms

16. National Reconnaissance Office

17. Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency

18. Army Military Intelligence

19. Department of Intelligence And Analysis

20. US Department of the Treasury (many Goldman Sachs operatives
have headed or been other executives at this agency)

21. US Department of Justice

22. US State Department

23. Office Of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

24. Bureau of Intelligence and Research

25. Office Of Special Investigations (within the Justice Department... Nazi hunters)

Unelected US agencies with arrest power

Israelis in concert with the NSA bugged the US
Author notes

picture is of NSA data center in Utah, one of countless NSA installations around the world

Those researching the NSA find such anomalies as inability to access the Images function in a search

 -saiom shriver-

picture is of NSA data center in Utah, one of countless NSA installations around the world

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