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Ukraine Background  April Update

A millionaire banker has been appointed by the Ukraine parliament as the interim prime minister of Ukraine. Arseniy Yatsenyuk was also, according to a CSpan video of his talk to Americans, a chief organizer of the coup d'etat.


It is interesting that  Obama's press secretary  said  "Russia has intervened militarily in the sovereign affairs of a nation."   Iraq twice, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, the Philippines, Vietnam, Iran, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba.....

some of the many places  the occupiers of the US government have set heavy tread


The Western Ukraine fought with the Nazis in WW2. Russia lost 26 million lives fighting

against Hitler.


The Goldman Sachs control of the financial ministries of the European Union is one of loanshark capitalism, not a socialist concern for all.


This conflict was begun when the elected head of the Ukraine chose not to align his country with the EU.   A violent coup funded by megathieves caused him to flee for his life.


The Crimean War in the 1800's was fought by the UK, Netherlands, Kingdom of Sardinia, Turkey and Russia.... over this same area.  Then it was a fight of monarchies and imperialism.




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Those aligned to Russia reject EU countries' involvement in NATO wars
as well as Goldman Sachs' control of many EU country treasuries.
Those aligned to Europe want independence from Russia. The dissolution of the
Soviet Union  and separatation of the Ukraine from Russia was coordinated by the CIA
and its former director G H W Bush's deliberate destabilization. Several Harvard
economists including Jeffrey Sachs were indicted but went scotfree.


Socialism versus loanshark capitalism in the Ukraine: battleground between the EU

and Russia:


One effect of the G H W Bush, CIA and Harvard economists destabilization of the Soviet Union in 1991 was
the theft of the people's resources. Suddenly billionaire and centimillionaire oligarchs appeared in Russia
and the Ukraine. The Russian government has taken steps to return some of this wealth to the people. The Ukraine has not.

According to Wikipedia, the following are some of the richest people in the Ukraine. The 50 richest Ukrainians control 85% of the GNP.

    Rinat Akhmetov is the wealthiest man in Ukraine.
    Petro Poroshenko, a strong backer of Victor Yuschenko during the Orange Revolution, who went on to work for Victor Yanukovich, Yuschenko's opponent during those events.
    Leonid Chernovetskyi, one of the first bankers in Ukraine, former mayor of the capital Kyiv.
    Dmytro Firtash, the most important figure in the vital gas industry.
    Andriy Klyuyev, a multi-millionaire with a long career in Ukrainian government with rapidly growing fortune and alleged close connection to the President's family.
    Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the second/third richest person in Ukraine since at least 2006.
    Viktor Pinchuk, the son-in-law of ex-president Leonid Kuchma who controls much of the nation's media.
    Yulia Tymoshenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, speculated to be one of the wealthiest persons in Ukraine (although she claims to have a modest income).[6][7][8][9]
    Serhiy Tihipko, a multi-millionaire with a long career in Ukrainian politics.
    Pavlo Lazarenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine now jailed in U.S. prison.
    Vadim Rabinovich
    Oleksandr Yaroslavskiy
    David Zhvaniya

As of 2008, the combined wealth of Ukraine's 50 richest oligarchs is equal to 85% of Ukraine's GDP.

Former political leader Yulia Tymoshenko was a thief of the gas industry in the Ukraine. Frank Schumann, a German reporter, has written a book which is called  “The Swindler” in Germany and in France as “The Princess of Gas”.

The trial of Yulia Tymoshenko

The following is from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Russian_people_by_net_worth
It lists 20 of the Russian billionaires, some known as oligarchs....these are the people who looted the property of the people of Russia for their own privateering pirateering profiteering.

The 2nd number is a ranking among the 1426  billionaires of the world representing 5.4 trillion dollars.  The last number is each billionaire's estimated worth in billions.

Russian Rankings World rankings Names Sources of wealth Net worth (USD billions)

1 34 Alisher Usmanov steel, telecom, investments 17.6

2 41 Mikhail Fridman oil, banking, telecom 16.5

3 47 Leonid Mikhelson gas, chemicals 15.4

4 52 Viktor Vekselberg oil, metals 15.1

5 55 Vagit Alekperov LUKoil 14.8

6 56 Andrey Melnichenko coal, fertilizers 14.4

7 58 Vladimir Potanin metals 14.3

8 62 Vladimir Lisin steel, transport 14.1

9 62 Gennady Timchenko oil & gas 14,1

10 69 Mikhail Prokhorov investments 13

11 73 Alexey Mordashov steel, investments 12.8

12 103 German Khan oil, banking, telecom 10,5

13 107 Roman Abramovich steel, investments 10,2

14 119 Dmitry Rybolovlev fertilizer 9.1

15 123 Iskander Makhmudov mining, metals, machinery 8.7

16 131 Oleg Deripaska aluminum, utilities 8.5

17 138 Sergei Galitsky retail 8,2

18 138 Alexei Kuzmichev oil, banking, telecom 7.9

19 150 Andrei Skoch steel 7.9

20 162 Leonid Fedun Lukoil 7.1
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