Wendy Davis For Governor Of Texas


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Greg Abbott, who wants to replace

George Bush and Rick Perry

as a Texecution governor,

has criticized Judge Fine

for ruling that the Texas death penalty

is unconstitutional.

Perhaps Abbott does not believe

in the founders' statement that each

has a right to liberty, the pursuit of

happiness, and life.

saiom shriver






On March 4, Houston District Judge Kevin Fine granted a pretrial motion in a capital case
and declared the death penalty in Texas unconstitutional. Judge Fine said the state's law
violates a defendant’s right to due process because of the risk of executing an innocent person.  
The judge based his ruling on studies around the country and in Texas that indicated,
"it can only be concluded that innocent people have been executed….Are you willing to have your brother,
your father, your mother be the sacrificial lamb, to be the innocent person executed so that we can have
a death penalty so that we can execute those who are deserving of the death penalty?


Once again Perry like Bush violated international law by not allowing a Mexican citizen to contact his consulate before executed.



Some of the hundreds ruled innocent after their convictions



"ProLife" Rick Perry oversaw 500th Texas execution since 1976



Perry executed juveniles, the mentally disabled, those without adequate counsel,  those denied the right to contact their country's embassy or consulate, and of course the innocent.



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