Bloodmongers For NPR


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Would Stacey Vanek Smith
be called

'protein on the hoof'
by cannibals.
Would they prize

Kai Ryssdal's
canned balls?



Kai Ryssdal and Stacey Vanek Smith
of Marketplace continue to promote
their distributor NPR's 200 million dollars
of stock in McDonald's.

Therefore Kai Ryssdal spoke of innocent
cow mammals who nurse their young as
'protein on the hoof' and Smith
spoke of 'beefing up the herd' with
typical obfuscating semantics about
the cadavers of cow flesh animaleaters
call 'beef'.

This was followed by a promotion for
a NY butcher, Fleisher's. After all,
Fleisher means flesher or butcher.

Despite all the frantic tv and radio
advertising as well as National Restaurant
Association censorship regarding
vegan restaurants,  despite the government

pawns of ranchers in the USDA, BLM, etc.,

Americans have
the lowest number of captive cows
since 1941, though the population has nearly

tripled from 132,164,569 in the 1940 census.

The cows per capita in relation to the human

population are only 36 and 2/3 % of what they

were in 1941.


Millions are leaving red meat
or all zoophagy.


Ryssdal and Smith did not list cow flesh


ecoli (colon bacteria)

homocysteine   protein cause of Alzheimer's

animal fat or cholesterol  cause of of heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms

uric acid... or trioxypurine  cause of arthritis, artery plaque... an addictive substance

ammonia   toxic byproduct of meat

worms .. including trichinella worms

and hundreds of others

methylcholanthrene   a carcinogen in meat

malonaldehyde ... a carcinogen in meat




-Saiom Shriver-

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