Senate Races 2014


36 Senate races occur in 2014: Twenty-one of them involve Democrat incumbents.

15 seats are presently in Republican control.





While peach trees
were peaching
and green fields
gold corning
murdering  400 birds

in 1 day
was Texas cowboy and oil pawn
Senator Cornyn

Rick Noriega Hopes to Unseat John Cornyn

3% of the US (12.5 million of over 300 million) are hunters.
Yet of hunters, only a small percentage approve of the kind of hunting
done by John Cornyn with Cheney

In Rolling Rock, PA, Cornyn and Cheney killed 400 birds in 1 day, birds raised i cages and released from nets directly in front of them.

Google has been through hiding and through deflection, burying Rick Noriega's website


Jeff Sessions is the current Republican senator from Alabama because of corrupt money and Alabama's century and a half of corrupt election laws. Dump him.

Footnote From Wikipedia


Mark Begich is expected to win reelection.


Democrat Dick Durbin is expected to retain his seat.


Long time senator Tom Harkin is retiring.  He has been better on human than animal issues. shows one of the most hideous animal killing facilities in the world.  Republicans and Democrats have abused tens of billions of Iowa pigs.


Pat Roberts, Republican voter for war and cattle concentration camps, is expected to win

over challengers Jim Slattery, Milton Wolf and Chad Taylor.


Democrat Bruce Lunsford is running against Mitch McConnell, whose low approval ratings among Kentuckians is expected to harm him.


Republican Susan Collins is being challenged by Democrat Shenna Bellows, advocate of the legalization of marijuana, officer with the state ACLU


Incombent Democrat Ed Markey is expected to win.


Longtime Pentagon proponent and war voter Carl Levin, head of the Armed Services Committee, is expected to retire.  Election fraud by Republicans in traditionally Democratic Michigan needs to be investigated.


Lt. Gov John Walsh, Democrat, was appointed to the Senate and will have an incumbency edge.


Harry Reid had a close race in his last election and may this time as well.


Democrat Tom Udall has approval ratings of 61%.


Natalie Tennant is expected to win the seat being vacated by retiring John D Rockefeller IV.




Carl Levin, Tom Harkin, and Jay Rockefeller are retiring senators.

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