A Response To Brad Thor

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Brad Thor is a writer of espionage thrillers. Some of what he writes is courageous.  Some is ignorance or deliberate disinformation.

Thor has defended the government story of the Sept 11 bombing in several books. He mentions the betting of put options that airline stock would go down, but fails to mention that it was coordinated by the head of the CIA who hired Buzz Krongard to do the betting.


Thor's hero is a federal agency connected serial assassin.  Thor writes torture porn, with frequent, graphic and varied descriptions of torture.

Thor is a proponent of endless war, a defender of loanshark capitalism,  projects violence and thievery onto socialists.

Through one of his characters he states

1. that it is morally wrong to take from others. Interestingly he is referring to feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, etc. and not to the people's property being privatized and pirateered by billionaire megathieves.

2. that socialism advances class war, ignoring the fact that loan shark capitalism is a permanent war on the poor by the rich. Capitalism is the embodiment of class war. When American railroad owners were given a 20 mile wide slash across the US, that was one of millions of examples of theft of public property.

3. that socialism runs out of money. It is interesting that socialist Sweden is one of the wealthiest per capita countries in the world, while the bankster billionaire dominated Federal Reserve has been counterfeiting money, giving it to fellow banksters and brokers, generating new billionaires to gobble up property while impoverishing all others by reducing the value of the dollar.

4.  that socialism has never worked.  He ignores the Scandinavian countries,  India etc.

Buzz Krongard


Federal Reserve Counterfeiters


Like many other writers he is involved in deforestation, product placement promotions for Yum Foods corporations, the world's biggest restaurant conglomerate , and  shilling for animal products.



-saiom shriver-





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