Promotion Of Animal And Human Torture At NPR

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 NPR owns 200 million dollars in McDonald's
stock. McDonald's is the world's biggest
animal killer. NPR frequently works promotions
for the company and for animal flesh in general
into its news shows.






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Kai Ryssdal and Stacey Vanek Smith
of Marketplace continue to promote
their employer NPR's 200 million dollars
of stock in McDonald's.

Therefore Kai Ryssdal spoke of innocent
cow mammals who nurse their young as
'protein on the hoof' and Smith
spoke of 'beefing up the herd' with
typical obfuscating semantics about
the cadavers of cow flesh animaleaters
call 'beef'.

This was followed by a promotion for
a NY butcher, Fleisher's. After all,
Fleisher means flesher or butcher.

Despite all the frantic tv and radio
advertising as well as National Restaurant
Association censorship regarding
vegan restaurants, Americans have
the lowest number of captive cows
since 1941. Millions are leaving red meat
or all zoophagy.


On February 27, 2014 on Morning Edition,
Karen Grigsby Bates promoted steaks,
a food which into the heart pushes stakes.

In February of 2014 on NPR's show
On Point, there were several
promotions of research on primates.

On February 27, 2014, David Greene
inserted a plug for antkiller aspartame
containing diet Coke.

NPR promotion of animal torture
continued  on Here and Now,
as Joe Palca continued to promote
the animal research of Jim Olson
who causes mice to develop
brain tumors.

Ira Flatow for many years has
been shilling for the animal torture
of NIH, universities and corporations.

The US Government gives
animal torture money to 18%
of those who apply for it.
However that number is
down from 30% a decade ago.




On Weekend Edition, Steve Kutcher rationalized that he loves insects
as he supplies them for films... thousands of ants,
locusts, cockroaches. But in reality
every time he releases thousands of cockroaches onto
a movie set, many are crushed or sprayed or swatted out of
their lives in or out of script.  His culpability is shared by
those producers and directors who want 'reality'.

He was promoted by National "Public"  Radio, a radio network
taken over by the Pentagon during "Desert Storm", the euphemistic
invasion of Iraq by G H W Bush.

Danny DeVito, world renowned star and vegetarian, refused to allow
cockroaches to be killed on the set of Taxi.
These were not roaches sent to their deaths by Steve Kutcher,
but natives.


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