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The incidents listed here are a tiny fraction of the assassinations, coup d'etats, mind control and behavior modification, drug distribution, espionage, thefts, etc. of the Central Intelligence Agency.

I Presidents

Presidents Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower,  John F Kennedy,  and Jimmy Carter all wanted the CIA abolished or its black ops division cancelled. The CIA trained operatives to put aside morality in order to become better killers.

Truman calls for CIA abolition 1 week after murder of John F Kennedy

II Violent And Illegal Invasions OF Socialist Countries

The Bay of Pigs was invaded by CIA-hired mercenaries.  It was not successful.

The CIA operation called Arab Spring:

III Coup D'Etats

A. Iran

Mossadegh, a socialist elected by the people of Iran, nationalized oil. Kermit Roosevelt in a CIA operation had him deposed.  A puppet was elevated to "The Shah of Iran" and BP was invited back into the country.

B. Guatemala in 1954

C. Chile  Assassination of Allende

IV Vietnam Assassinations

In the black op program known as Operation Phoenix, American soldiers escorted CIA into North and South Vietnam to assassinate 16,000 teachers, businessmen, spiritual leaders.

V Iraq and Afghanistan  Assassinations

The same type of program is continuing in Afghanistan. The CIA invites sympatico writers such as Brad Thor to accompany their nefarious missions.

VI Presidential Assassination
E Howard Hunt's deathbed confession about CIA murder of President Kennedy see below 

The Rolling Stone story seems to have disappeared.

VII Other Leader Assassinations

The CIA was involved in the murder of the socialist leader Salvatore Allende of Chile. Fidel Castro survived hundreds of CIA assassination attempts... poisoned food, exploding cigars etc.

John Perkins' book Economic Hit Man details some of the many leaders killed in arranged plane crashes, one of the CIA's specialities.

The CIA and FBI were both involved in the Martin Luther King assassination.

The CIA, FBI, and Lyndon Johnson were involved in Robert Kennedy's murder.

The murder of John F Kennedy Jr

VIII The Bombing of the World Trade Center and the Oklahoma City Bombing.

What was the goal of the bombing. 1. to give an excuse for the invasion of Afghanistan a few weeks later 2. to declare a national emergency which gave the NSA the power to snoop on everyone's email, phone calls, fax, texts, letters etc.

Former German defense minister confirms CIA involvement in 911

The CIA hired Buzz Krongard to arrange millions of dollars of put options (that airline stock would fall) in the weeks before Sept 11, 2001.  The bombing was done by rogue cells within the CIA cooperating with the Mossad.  Who benefits? G W Bush went into Afghanistan a few weeks later.

Timothy McVeigh's diary was smuggled out of prison to a survivalist group called Wrath. In it he said that after he washed out of the Rangers, the CIA recruited him, and gave him 2 million in cash as well as instructions for the bombing. After he was arrested the CIA stole the money back.

IX Deliberate Destabilization OF Socialist Economies

The official website of John Perkins' book Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Chile, India, Russia, Iraq... some of the many countries targeted for CIA arranged economic destabilization. In India, the plan backfired. The counterfeit rupees airdropped over India were accepted as legal tender and expanded the economy.

X Torture From "Enhanced Interrogation" to Unspeakable Agony

Waterboarding, sleep deprivation, earsplitting noise, immersion in freezing water, electroshocking of genitals and other body parts, denial of food, being hung upside down, being bound in painful ways... only some of the demonic arrows in the CIA quiver.

XI Kidnappings

The Italian government convicted 23 Americans in the CIA over its violation of Italian sovereignty in kidnapping in Italy, deceptively called rendition.  The CIA has used floating boats as well as illegal prisons in Romania, Poland and elsewhere to keep those of its kidnap victims it keeps alive to torture.

XII Framing Innocents

It and other US intelligence agencies are
proficient in sending undeletable pornography
into the computer of someone opposing their

XIII Drug Distribution

In the movie Coverup, Elizabeth Montgomery, star of Bewitched and daughter of Screen Actors Guild president Robert Montgomery, narrated the story of CIA distribution of heroin in ghetto areas of the US, carried out while G H W Bush was head of the CIA. Operation Guido (standing for Guns In Drugs Out) in Central America was coordinated by Oliver North and others.

XIV  Killer Training

The CIA with the help of psychiatrists and doctors violating their Hippocratic oaths trained operatives to put aside morality in order to become better killers. At the same
time the CIA was requisitioning killers in prisons, mental hospitals, and the military to
become assassins.  Medical doctors and psychiatrists have been involved in torture as well.

XV Expendability  Just as soldiers realize they are cannon fodder for billionaires, so CIA agents realize that if someone higher up believes an agent, a hitman, or informant knows too much he can be eliminated.

XVI  The CIA exists to serve

a. large corporation money... some of these

are 1. Monsanto 2, Walmart 3. McDonald's 4. KFC 5. Google

Monsanto has or had a financial interest in Agent Orange, aspartame, insecticides, herbicides which caused birth defects. Monsanto has had court rulings that it may take plants in neighboring fields generated by its windblown seed.

The CIA diverted public tax money against citizen will to develop Google at Stanford, using over half of the bandwidth of the university. It rewarded Sergey Brin by making him a billionaire through the unethical use of public funds.  Brad Thor paraphrased: A Google search is akin to a librarian who hides half of the library's books.

b. billionaires and centimilionaires

c. religious haters

XVII CIA Director Murder

William Colby, former Director of the CIA, was murdered.

XVIII MI6  French intelligence in 2005 and Chicago subway police foiled the attempt of MI6 agents working out of the Chicago Laidlaw (British owner of Greyhound) building to bomb the subways


a. Jim Jones, Vacaville Prison, and the CIA

b. Charles Manson  MK Ultra, CIA behavior


Was Cord Meyer, CIA agent, named as one of the assassins of JFK, involved in the murder of his wife Mary Meyer on the DC towpath?





Was Cord Meyer, CIA agent, named as one of the assassins of JFK, involved in the murder of his wife Mary Meyer on the DC towpath?


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