Deaths Caused By Physicians, Nurses, Drug Cos. In US Are Over ! Million A Year


This thread is meant to expose dangerous drugs, alleged therapies and practices, hospital diseases
in order to change things. May God bless those doctors motivated not by money
or power but by the desire to heal, doctors who spend tireless hours attempting
to mend the ravages of many wars' bombs, doctors who volunteer with the poorest
of the poor, some on their vacations, others their entire lives. It is interesting that

when doctors struck in Los Angeles the death rate went down.


RS: Lawyers must eat their mistakes in public. (A trial lawyer's win loss ratio
is a matter for all to see.) Doctors bury theirs, literally (and then hide the record.)

During a monthlong strike by Los Angeles County physicians in 1976, the mortality rate for patients dropped by 18 percent.

According to a speech of Bill Clinton, whose regime was dominated
by the pharmaceutical-medico industrial complex, agribusiness interests
which muzzled news of Mad Cow, Mad Pig etc, war profiteers and
neocon media who furthered their oligopolies while he was in office,
there were 1 million iatrogenic incidents annually in the US. Others
say 1.5 million or more.
America receives less value for its health care dollar
than any other country, and is as high as third world countries
in categories such as infant mortality.
Iatrogenic categories include (a partial list)

(When doctors in Los Angeles went on strike, the death rate

1 Surgical errors, including
a. removal of wrong limb or breast
b. leaving catheter tips, pacemaker wires, surgical sponges, and surgical instruments inside the body
c.. improper stitching
d. unnecessary surgeries (the US has had in the past 8 times as many
surgeries as Europe per capita)
e. gynecologists trying to shut down the midwife profession
while they caused many deaths
f. colonoscopies puncturing the intestines.. patients waking up from
anesthesia finding they have been given unsolicited colostomies
g. infections from airborn staphylococcus, dirty
surgical instruments, hands with ecoli (colon bacteria),
unclean hospital gowns, blood, fecal residue from
previous operations etc.
2 anesthesia deaths and injuries, (e.g. epidurals
can paralyze the legs and damage the spinal column, causing much pain
and in some cases permanent loss of function), radiation, chemotherapy,
drug reactions, removal of wrong limb or breast etc. 1/4 of the amount
of sodium pentathol used to kill a dog will anesthetize him.
3a. drug side effects.. virtually every drug has at least 1 page of side
3b drug contamination
1. filth in manufacturing plants 2. animal products in drugs
3. lethal ingredients in drugs
4. radiation (part of the cut burn and poison.. surgery radiation and
chemotherapy school of the American medico industrial complex)
which turns organs in some cases into charred congealed masses
5. chemotherapy.. literally poison
A federal study has revealed that those diagnosed with prostate cancer
live no longer with treatment, and that the treatment causes impotence
and incontinence. Where is the federal agency which is doing public
service spots about the danger of meat, fish and dairy, whose female
hormones (banned in Europe) give Americans skyrocketing rates of
reproductive cancers?
6. Hospital animal products
a. cause food poisoning
b. In some hospitals, patients struggling for every breath
are given mucus laden bacon and eggs.
7. Hospital bacteria such as staphylococci are resistant to
many antibiotics and cleaning fluids and cause infections to patients.
8. For years males dominated the gynecological profession
and many instances of sexual imposition resulted.
9. Deaths from emergency room denial of service
as money has been diverted to the bombing of civilians
in Iraq and Afghanistan while physicians have continued
pricegouging through Medicare, bankrupting many state
10. Misdiagnosis
a. One woman bleeding from a meat food poisoning, was misdiagnosed
as having an intestinal blockage. She bled to death.
11. Dictatorship of Hospitals and Doctors
a. a woman wakes up from a Caesarian surgery to find
she has been given testosterone against her will.. to dry up
her breast milk... she starts growing male hair on her body
While the poor often cannot receive emergency room care though
guaranteed by love .. they cannot enter... others find
through hospital security forces that they cannot leave.
12. Exhausted Personnel
a. Interns often work 80 hour weeks. Falling asleep literally
on the job, they make lethal errors and feel ever afterwards
that their trial by fire justifies outrageous fees.
b. With the nursing shortage, nurses are often working 12
hour shifts or double shifts
c. The AMA's history of lobbying for fewer medical schools
to maintain the high prices associated with scarcity has
meant many deaths as well as pricegouging
13. Forced Sterlizations
a. In China, women in their third trimester were forced to
have abortions
b. In India, Sanjay Gandhi, before he died in a plane crash,
would round up men in the vilage by force and take them
to involuntary sterilization clinics.
c. In the US, the courts have forced sterilization on many,
in instances such as a woman waking up from her anesthesia
operation sleep to find she had been sterilized. Her gynecologist
without consulting her thought it best.
14. Nursing home neglect: starvation, neglected patients
sitting in urine and feces, bedsores, abuse by staff
15: Human Guinea Pigs Human Vivisection
a. Tuskegee Univ let African American patients
think they were being treated for syphilis and gave them
b. The CIA gave LSD to unwitting victims. Suicides were
involved. http://www.counterpu...ciashrinks.html
c. Drug trials in Nigeria and around the world on
unsuspecting victims resulted in hundreds of deaths.
Pfizer and other drug companies have been fined
but their management not yet jailed.
d. Thousands of other examples of human vivisection are too
numerous to list here
16. Deliberate Blocking of Alternatives by government
The FDA sent in a swat team to smash the color healing
machines in the warehouse of the father of Jay Dinshah,
the founder of the American Vegan Society.
There are thousands of instances of the medico pharma industrial
complex suppressing, destroying or muzzling those who
work to educate the public.
17. Criminal negligence of governments and pharmaceutical
re informing the public of natural cures for disease,
such as the elimination of uric acid in the diet gradually
reducing arthritic pain, the elimination of meat fish and dairy
as the easiest way to reduce cholesterol.
18. Intrinsically Harmful Procedures
Mothers wanting their babies find that amniocentesis
is an abortifacient in 1% of the cases, a cause of infection,
and a potential hazard to the baby in the womb.


The failure of the government to warn its citizens about
the dangers of animal products from heart attacks, strokes,
food poisonings such as ecoli, listeria and anaphylactic
shock, BSE diseases such as Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad
Sheep, Mad Chicken, Mad Fish, Mad Elk and Mad Deer
has caused millions of deaths.

While the US has the highest priced health care and the lowest
performance in the industrialized world, Germany provides
free health care even to tourists. The world's best equipped
free hospital (10,000 free heart surgeries annually) is in
Bangalore India, with many of the surgeons donating their

Government agencies (with the exception recently of HHS),
hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies have had a conspiracy
of silence about animal products as the chief cause of prostate,
breast, uterine, cervical and many other cancers.


President Mbeki of South Africa, Pierce Wright, past science editor
of the London Times, and tens of thousands of others have exposed
the role of alleged smallpox vaccine in causing the worldwide epidemic
in Zaire, Zambia, Brazil, Haiti and many other countries.
The smallpox vaccine matched in exact sequence AIDS incidence in the 17 countries
in which 'vaccines' were administered. The odds of such a sequence
occurring randomly are infinitesimal. After the deliberate infecting of the
African continent with AIDS, Gilead, a Donald Rumsfeld and Israeli pharmaceutical
consortium, began marketing AIDS drugs.

The CIA's funding with 1 billion dollars of unregulated money to Ft
Detrick and Battelle for weaponized anthrax development has resulted
in the scapegoating of scientists Hatfield and Ivins.

CBS reported that at Ft Meade the bioterror weapons developed
by George Merck of Merck were allegedly destroyed. They
had been around for decades.


The FDA has tried to prevent citizens from filing against drug companies
in state courts.


Senator Frist, billionaire from his family's fraud in Medicare, who admitted
in his autobiography that he pretended to be a cat adopter at Boston
shelters and then took his victims to Harvard Medical School for victim
sacrifice, authored
a bill exempting vaccine makers from drug liability lawsuits.

The unelected Supreme Court's Republicans tried to deny American
citizens the right to sue drug companies in 2008.


A Pfizer CEO spoke of any attempt to regulate the poisons it churns out
as being 'risk averse'.

Health Institutions destroying the environment all need for

Hospitals are major deforesters with mountains of throwaway
paper, plastic, etc.
The Cleveland Clinic has aroused the opposition of the
Ohio EPA and environmentalists in its attempts
to destroy some of Ohio's last wetlands with
a new complex in Twinsburg, Ohio

Marketing of Lethal Drugs With the Taxes of the Poor
by the US Commerce Dept.


The Bush Clinton Bush regimes have allowed lethal drugs
to be advertised on television, thus multiplying their damage.


Many psychiatric medications such as
Thorazine cause impotence, tardifdyskinesia
or gradual Parkinsonian like development, rigidity

Eric Harris, one of the shooters at Columbine, was on Luvox. Kip Kinkel, who killed his parents and two students in Oregon, was on Prozac.
Andrea Yates who drowned her 5 children was on a
osychiatrist prescribed stew of 4 medications which included
Effexor, made by Wyeth
Thorazine also causes zombification. In addition, thorazine is a chemical straitjacket
whose victims report that they can't sit still and must pace constantly.
Navane is as addictive as heroin.
Ativan is as addictive as heroin.
Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil and other drugs cause homicide and suicide thoughts.
Leonard Finz of Manhattan is one of many attorneys who have sued
for the victims of these drugs. They also can cause impotence and weight gain.
(While some drugs cause impotence, others such as female hormones in animal products
unnaturally excite sexual drive and have caused sex crimes.)
Lithium causes kidney damage (lithos: stone) and like many lega drugs
pushed in mental illness hospital wards takes away the
ability to experience joy.
Haldol when it wears off creates pits deeper than the original pits of depression it
was said to help.
Seroquel AstroZeneca faces 8400 lawsuits from its 'antipsychotic' drug
AstraZeneca knew Seroquel could potentially cause high blood sugar
levels, weight gain and diabetes;

AstraZeneca faces 8,440 cases over Seroquel risks

Seroquel, called an 'antipsychotic' drug, causes
weight gain and in some cases diabetes


All statins can kill when they accumulate in the body for they cause liver and kidney damage.
It is much safer to reduce cholesterol by eliminating the meat fish and dairy sources
than by statins. When they are added to a glass of grapefruit juice, they can kill.

Bayer recalled cholesterol lowering Baycol
in 2001 because of kidney failure and other side

Lipitor side effects

Fosamax is said to relieve osteoporosis but it causes much
worse conditions such as strokes.


Parts of pigs, cows, and other animals in drugs cause lethal
a. Diabetes drugs The following website shows how corporations promote drugs which
can cause Mad Pig disease or porcine spongiform encephalopathy.
b. Blood The UK sent Mad Cow contaminated blood to India
c. Bone meal in rose fertilizer has caused Mad Cow to gardeners
d. Thousands of hemophiliacs have sued Bayer in a class action lawsuit,
stating that Bayer knowingly sold hemophiliac drugs which contained
e. Premarin is made from horse urine.
f. Vaccines developed on eggs cause death.
g. Antibiotics given to captive animals have side effects such as resistance passed on to human consumers
h. Sex and growth hormones given to animals are carcinogenic
to human consumers.
i. Pig heart valves are used often.
thousands of other drugs contain animal products.

Viagra and Cialis can cause blindness, stroke, and heart attack because the cholesterol clogged arteries
which cause impotence also block optical veins and arteries.


Zicam, made by Matrixx, paid out 12 million to 300 of the countless victims whose sense
of smell was permanently destroyed by the drug. A pittance for those who can never again
small a rose or spring zephyrs.

Tylenol causes liver and kidney damage, yet hospitals
use it because the makers of Tylenol have run an antiaspirin
campaign. Reyes Syndrome causes much less damage.
Oxycontin as addictive as cocaine
Vioxx Because of Pfizer's political clout through Joseph Lieberman,
its Cox 2 inhibitor Celebrex is still on the market though it causes strokes
and heart attacks as does the banned Vioxx.

Liver and kidney damaging drugs like Tylenol, Advil
have a multiplied lethal effect when combined with alcohol.

SEX HORMONES are carcinogens
Premarin developed from the urine of horses held
captive has a long list of side effects.
Tamiflu has many side effects, has been pushed aggressively
by Roche of Switzerland and Donald Rumsfeld, former pharm CEO, who has
the American distribution rights to the drug which is ineffective in the
treatment of socalled avian flu.
Glaxo Smith Kline has been a chief war profiteer in pushing toxic vaccines to American soldiers.
Merck instead of educating the public about the dangers of female hormones
in animal products has marketed with the help of their peons in legislatures
a 'cervical cancer vaccine' which has caused deaths. So outraged were
the people of Texas by Governor Perry's Merck connections that they
forced a recall of the for a while compulsory vaccine.
So great has been the power of the drug companies that soldiers
who refused vaccines were in some cases court martialed.

Vaccines developed on eggs have been particularly lethal.
Mercury containing vaccines, one of many lethal metals concentrated in fish flesh, cause autism in children. Congressman Dan Burton has been a courageous fighter in this area.

Prolixin causes early heart attacks

Thalidomide Though thalidomide did nothing to dogs victims
of lab research, it removed the limbs of many children born around 1959.
It was banned, but now the pharmaceutical pawns at the FDA want
to reintroduce it.
Ritalin The manufacturers of ritalin made an industry out of drugpushing
ritalin to naturally active children
phenothiazine causes drug induced Parkinson's Disease

Ambien: sleep walking sleep driving etc.


Rush Limbaugh cannot hear well. And if the sheep who follow
the loudmouthed warmonger follow his product advice, they could
be among thousands who have lost their sense of smell from
Zicam, made by Matrix Initiatives, 340 of whom have collected.

On August 14, 2007, the FDA announced that GlaxoSmithKline agreed to add a "black-box" label to Avandia warning that Avandia may cause or worsen heart failure and that patients should be closely monitored.

Rosiglitazone causes heart attacks.

Army to investigate 5 Colorado murders linked to Ft Carson brigade (originally in

Plavix plus Nexium may equal heart attacks

Belatedly FDA puts warning on Lariam.. linked to several murders

When soldiers are trained to be killing machines
when soldiers are given Roche Lariam correlated to homicidal behavior
there is fallout


It is highly likely that your mutual fund and/or pension if you
have one is invested in some of these pharmaceutical
manufacturers. Not only do they cause human disease, they cause
animal agony. Pfizer alone incinerates a truckload of mice daily at just
one of its facilities, in Connecticut.

For Republicans, the euphemism 'tort reform' has meant making it more
difficult for citizens to file class action law suits or individual lawsuits
against the makers of poison. They have reduced the time limit for filing
lawsuits, though for instance Mad Cow, Mad Pig and other BSE diseases
can take 50 years to incubate, said Dr Heymann of the WHO on the CBC.


Thank you to CMT for contributing to this.

Pharmaceutical companies
1. are bankrupting Medicare and stealing from
Social Security funds
2. are killing people with toxic drugs' side effects
3. are causing the outsourcing of jobs as businesses
can no longer afford medical insurance
4. have caused lab suffering to billions of animals
5. have been protected from liability lawsuits
for making killer vaccines... (by former Tennessee
senator Bill Frist's legislation)


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