Prevention Of Suicides


Friends and family can be made aware of awareness of problems in young adults and methods of suicide prevention.

Suicides among teens and young adults
can be caused by
1. drug overdoses
2. victimization by bullies
3. conflict with parents
4. poverty
5. homelessness
6. broken love relationships
7. no love relationship
8. unspoken fears
9. for gay students, the pressures of
   secrecy, coming out, etc.
10. the suicides generated by Paxil Prozac
   Zoloft and other antidepressants which can be depressants

For those going away to college (increasingly fewer numbers as money is diverted for endless wars) suicides can be caused
by in addition
1 homesickness
2. atheist professors who destroy beliefs
3. failing grades
4. inability to pay tuition


For seniors, suicides can be caused by
1. illness
2. loneliness
3. poverty
4. loss of friends
5. children who abuse financially
6. children who commit their parents to a nursing home

7. fear of death

Support groups and listening loving friends have a better success rate

in healing than the drug co. and money dominated hospital and physician networks.

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