Mumbai Vegetarian Apartment Buildings


Vegans and vegetarians are sometimes forced to breathe in the carnivorous flatulence of nonvegetarians.
We understand why in Mumbai there are many 'vegetarian only' apartment buildings. The NY Times entitles an article
about this:
 "One man's meat is another man's poison" In reality 1 person's meat is every person's poison.
The LA Times, another meat profiteer deforesting paper, said vegetarians are giving the evil eye to meateaters..
a projected lie from those with bloody plates. The San Francisco Chronicle called those of us wanting not to smell neighbors' burning flesh
'vegetarian vigilantes' while the BBC called the Indian govt work to end cow murder 'food fascism'.  Yet every minute around the world more and more adopt nonviolent diet.

Meat eaters refused tenancy in all vegetarian apartment blocks ...

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