Some Of 1000 Ways Humans Enslave, Torture, Abandon And Or Murder Animals

Animal Rights



Animals are enslaved in war
1. for food
2 as bomb carriers (dolphins forced into suicide bombing by US Navy)
3a to be blown apart as minesniffers
3b those who've survived have been left
  behind by the Pentagon
4. to pull heavy carts... even in 2019 donkeys are used in Afghanistan military campaigns
5. to carry messages as carrier pigeons did in WW2
6. in military labs they are caged and then killed in chemical, biological and other weapons research. They are secretly shot into space to die in explosions or gradually of thirst and loneliness
7. they are shot and used as surgical practice
8. chained as sentries, e.g. watchdogs
9. as clothing sources  (fur silk and wool)
10. to carry humans (donkeys, camels, horses etc)

In addition to the above ways in which they are exploited they are enslaved, made to suffer, abandoned and or murdered
1. to be gawked at in zoos, to be entertainment in circuses
2. to kill rats (cats)
3. made literal guinea pigs in labs for pricegouging drug companies advertising killer products
4. break their legs and necks for gambling wins as in horseracing
5. for amusement as in circuses
They are forced to kill each other in dogfights. Like human football players, they are modern
7 They are made to herd sheep and cows
8 Their labor is stolen from beehives.
9 as forced companions
10. They are forced to run down escaping
11. They are compelled to be drug sniffers.
12. to guide the blind
13. they are conscripted to hunt bears and to kill foxes
14.  they are drafted in plutocracy rituals.. such as foxhunting

Only when they give their companionship freely are they not abused.

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