The Canadian Government Of Trudeau And Its Murder Of Animals


The Canadian Government Of Trudeau And Its Murder Of Animals


 Seal clubbing, trophy hunting profiteering, cattle ranching, dairy product marketing, collateral damage of war, dearth of animal protection laws for lab animals or animals factory farmed or in cattle ranches etc by Canada

1, The brutal clubbing or piercing of baby and adult seals has been continued by PM's Harper and Trudeau.
2. Canada is one of the 6 countries which most promote and profiteer from
trophy hunting.
3. Canada is one of the world's biggest exporters of the cadavers of murdered cows,

as it violates their rights, causes human diseases, and hastens global climate extremes.
4. Canada is a major promoter of Canadian dairy products which cause the murder of baby calves and their mothers while spreading many diseases to humans. Cows' milk was designed to turn a newborn calf into a 1000 pound animal in 1 year. Exports of Canadian dairy to US are a factor in US obesity.
5. Mad Deer, cervine spongiform encephalopathy, and its variant forms of Mad Bear, Elk, Caribou, Moose etc. have caused great suffering to animals in Saskatchewan, Alberta and elsewhere.
6. The illegal immoral wars of the US to which Canada has sent soldiers have  bombed, burned, crushed, starved countless trillions of animals.
7. Canada has many research laboratories in which animals are tortured.
8. The tar sands fracking has deforested
thousands of square miles in Canada, poisoned the watershed, fouled the air, destroyed the woods homes of animals, birds, reptiles etc.
Canadian companies with Trudeau's backing are trying to force unwanted pipelines on the US.
9. The Canadian lumber industry has destroyed
sentient millennial trees and the environment of indigenous peoples. It has smashed flightless baby birds, raccoons and other tree dwellers.
10. The Calgary Stampede is a major torturer of animals, with brutal rodeos which break the necks and legs of calves, horses, and
expose human beings to injury as well.

11. Animal agriculture is generally exempt from
penalties for animal abuse.
12. There are virtually no federal regulations limiting the actions of human lab researchers in their infliction of pain and suffering on captive animals.

13. Besides the fur of seals, Canada is involved in profiteering from the murder of beaver, lynx, muskrat, mink and other animals

Canada while a signatory to the Paris climate agreement is hastening climate extremes through its meat profiteering, its dairy product businesses, and the destruction of trees which are vital to temperature stabilization.

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