230 Years Since 1789, Our 3rd Branch Of Govt. Still Not Elected


Only 1 branch of our 3 branches of government, the executive branch, was totally elected in 1789, and those votes were cast only by white male property owners who had legalized mass murder in enslaving Africans & exterminating Native Americans. 124 years would pass before our 2nd branch of government, the legislative, would begin in 1913 to include direct election of US senators.

It is now 230 years since the US was founded. It is long overdue that our 3rd branch of government, the judiciary, be directly elected. It is long overdue that Supreme Court judges and federal judges be directly elected by the people and not by the Senate which gives over 80 times the power to Wyoming senators who represent 600,000 people that it gives to California senators who represent 40 million. No nation which allows 5 unelected men on the 'highest' court (at present Roberts, Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh) to nullify the people's will can be called a democracy. We are only an oligarchy, run by the richest Americans whose pawns sit on the bench.

Republicans represent less than one quarter, less than 25% of registered voters in the US, yet they control the Supreme Court. Even then, dovehunter and plutocracy pawn Neil Gorsuch (promoted by billionaire and fellow dovehunter Philip Anschutz) could only be placed on the court after Mitch McConnell wiped away precedent and brought down the senator votes required from 60% to a majority. One again the 60% rule was trashed by McConnell in the installation of 'prolife' Brett Kavanaugh who had waged war and suggested executioner judges for G W Bush.


Until direct election occurs, those holding the gavel on the Supreme Court should be called injustices and addressed as 'your dishonor'

Who is guilty of contempt for this "Supreme" Court? The entire world.

Until we elect our Supreme Court and federal judges, until Wyoming with 600,000 people no longer has over 80 times the power of California with 40 million,
until billionaires with their stolen wealth can no longer buy and purloin our elections, we are only an oligarchy not a democracy.

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