Reasons To Oppose Biden And Gillibrand


Joe Biden 1. voted for the Iraq War 2. voted $ for every illegal immoral war since then as well 3. was silent about Obama drone strikes and wars
4. works actively to raise more $ for lab animal torture  5. was dismissive of Anita Hill 6.
a coauthor of 3 strikes legislation which required that

those convicted 3 times of a felony receive life sentences.


Des Moines Register poll reports Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand & Rep Eric Swalwell were not named as a 1st choice by a single poll respondent. Why is MSNBC giving Gillibrand an hour of time in March?
Gillibrand joined Rush Limbaugh operatives in unjustly waging campaign against Sen Al Franken over a joke. Gillibrand was mentored by GOP senator D'Amato and has actively promoted hunting and the NRA

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