3 Of The World's Most Grieving Dogs



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3 of the world's most grieving and loyal dogs kept lonely vigils for years.

Hachiko of Tokyo was an akita, Shep of Montana a sheepdog and Greyfriars Bobby was a skye terrier. German shepherds are also a breed of dog associated with extreme loyalty.

Hachiko was a dog in Tokyo whose human taught at Tokyo University.

Hachiko would daily accompany the professor to the train station and

would be there at night to greet him for their journey home. His beloved human died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage in 1925. Hachiko maintained a vigil wating for him return at the train station for ten years!


An American adaptation of the true story was made into a movie starring Richard Gere and an amazing dog. It is called Hachi, A Dog's Tale.





Shep of Fort Benton, Montana would never leave the train station which he associated with his human's casket bound body. A statue to him has been erected there.



 Greyfriars Bobby of Scotland spent 14 years guarding his human's




https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greyfriars_Bobby …

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