How Do Meat And Fish Cause Heart Disease

Five Of Many Causes Of Heart And Cardiovascular Disease  
10 Dec 2018
The #1 cause of disease in the world is that of the heart. The #1 cause of heart and cardiovascular disease is consumption of meat, fish, eggs and milk.
Meat and fish cause heart attacks, strokes, embolisms and aneurisms, all
related to the heart and cardiovascular system.


1. Animal fat (cholesterol) clogs the arteries.

2. Uric acid, the pre-urine or trioxypurine in fish and animal flesh lines the arteries and crystallizes in needle formation around the bone joints of spine, hands, feet etc. In addition to artery clogging, it unnaturally stimulates the heart as it is stronger than caffeine (dioxypurine). Both are addictive.

3. Adrenaline, the fright or flight hormone, is secreted in massive amounts by terrorized mammals, birds and fishes fighting for their lives as they are murdered through knife, captive bolt pistol, bullet, decapitation, suffocation or other means. Only a partial number of the lnks in the adrenaline hormone are broken up by cooking. Adrenaline unnaturally stimulates the heart, adding to its
burden as well as creating violent thoughts in consumers of meat and fish.

4. Homocysteine, an animal protein in meat and fish,
metabolizes into amyloid plaque which lines the cerebral and other arteries, blocking the flow of blood to brain, heart etc. The blocking of reproductive organ arteries causes impotence.

Several thousand vegan physicians are available through  Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

5. Overweight, obesity, is a cause of heart disease,

since each extra pound creates a greater burden

on the faithfully beating heart.  Isocaloric studies

done by Mervyn Hardinge MD at an ivy league school involved giving vegans, vegetarians and nonvegetarians each the same number of daily calories for 3 months. At the end of that time the

nonvegetarians weighed 23 lbs more than the vegans and 12 pounds more than the lacto ovo (dairy and egg) vegetarians. Fruitarians were not in the study but Dr Hardinge reported that they weighed less than any other group.



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