Guard The Temple Of Breath, The Lungs


Guard the lungs, the temple 

of breath

and avoid eating fish .. they died

a suffocation death


3 Of Countless Prisoners Who Said "I Can't Breathe":

Michael Sabbie in Arkansas

Tom Cotton, perhaps rather than trying to prevent prison reform you could do something

about Arkansas prisons

Australian prisoner David Dungay Jr

Death of Eric Garner to Staten Island police before his death

 - Wikipedia



"I can't breathe" .. the last words of 

Jamal Khashoggi while tortured , of many patients

with lung cancer, the voiceless pleas

of nearly every smothered fish

Guard lungs by not eating fish.. for consuming them is

a path to the karmic return of asphyxiation 

a. Fear causes the breath restriction of asthma Fearlessness

releases breath.

b. Meat, fish, eggs and dairy clog the heart arteries.

The heart is linked to the lungs. Heart problems impact

the ability to breathe.

c. Congestive heart failure involves the breath. The release

of pain and forgiveness of the past can help in heart healing

 and release of breath.

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