Charismatic Jon Tester


Dear Senator Tester,


Thank you for defeating Donald Trump in Montana who came to your state 4 times to try to defeat you. Thank you for your caring heart.


We want to tell you about another Montana cattleman, Howard Lyman, 4th generation rancher. He got cancer of the spine and prayed to God, promising that if he were healed he would

change things. He became a vegan and was healed and began to tell everyone about

the unreported Mad Cow in American cattle herds. He went on Oprah's show. She 

said 'That's it! I'll never eat another burger" (paraphrased)  As a result an Amarillo

cattlemen's association sued Oprah and Howard Lyman twice. Twice they lost in

the 5th Circuit which ruled that the truth cannot be libel. Japan runs its own Mad Cow

tests on US meat because of the USDA's unwillingness to tell the truth.

If you became vegan the odds are you would live longer, lose weight. We need you in the


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