God, Allah, Shiva, Great Spirit, Divine Mother, Kwon Yin, Jesus


God, Allah, Shiva, Great Spirit, Divine Mother, Kwon Yin, Jesus 


God raised Lazarus from death

and to lung cancer patients

gave back their breath.

Moses was undrowned by water.

Shadrach was unburned in fire.

Daniel unharmed stood in lions' den.

Joseph escaped from his murdering


Alleged adultress was saved

from stones.

The blind were given sight

The deaf could hear

through their ears.

To Balaam spoke the donkey.

while the caring freed the monkeys.

Food was multiplied for thousands.

Trumpets brought down walls.

Prophets were gifted visions.

Some were made invisible

as enemies looked for them.

Droupadi's sari grew by many yards

preventing her rape.

How many hundreds of millions

have been saved from their foes...

healed from disease

rescued from famine and drought

delivered from terrible accidents.

Every day around the world

trees drop free food.


By whatever name God is called upon,

by whatever path of faith we take,

the Divinity dwells within each of us,

ready as an obedient servant

to answer our good desires.


-saiom shriver-


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