Sai Baba And Car Miracles






English professor and poet Narayana Kasturi

was an employee of All India Radio.

He had in an Indian humor magazine

made fun of Sathya Sai Baba. After

a series of miracles involving his

family, he became a devout follower

and editor of Baba's magazine

Sanathana Sarathi (eternal charioteer, 

a reference to Krishna who would not

fight in the Mahabharata war but instead

was charioteer for Arjuna.) 


One day a car caravan as often happened

was following Baba's car to a destination.

One after another, parts fell off of Kasturi's

car. When they arrived Kasturi took the car

to a mechanic who said it was physically

impossible for the car to have arrived.


Kasturi went to Baba and asked 'Was it

because we are good devotees that you

did this miracle for us? ' and Baba replied

'The car, the car is a great devotee.' 




In California, Isaac Tigrett who founded the

Hard Rock Cafe chain, 

was driving his Porsche at 90 mph

while intoxicated and found it going over a cliff.

Suddenly a man materialized in mid air and pulled him out

of the car and set him on the top of the hill as the car

crashed below. Tigrett was unharmed. Time passed. He was in

a London book store and saw on a book cover that the man

who had saved his life was Sai Baba. Tigrett sold his Hard Rock chain and 

built a free hospital in India which does 10,000 heart surgeries a year, staffed by volunteer doctors from around the world.




A hunter shot a tiger. Later his car stalled near Puttaparthi. 

Baba's ashram village. His driver

told the hunter that Baba was in the village and would be 

able to start the car. The hunter sent his

chauffeur to find Baba, who returned and told the hunter 

he had orphaned to tiger cubs and should see

to their welfare. Baba then slapped the car, whose engine ignited.




JMF was driving. Her two toddler daughters were in the back

seat. As she turned, a speeding motorist hit her side of

the car and totaled it. Glass had shattered all over the

little girls. Yet neither she nor her children had been

injured in the slightest.




SNS, a Sai devotee stopped her car

and went across the road to gather some 

nuts in the gutter. She took 4 minutes 

to collect them. When she turned around

the car was gone.


Looking frantically around she saw

it a block and a half away, in what would

normally be the grass strip in

front of the sidewalk.


It had rolled back, through

an intersection. It had avoided

trees, people, children, animals, 

moving and parked cars, homes.


The one place onto which it

rolled and stopped had no

grass, but was dirt dug up

for planting.


Only the ruts in the mud

were proof that Baba had parted

not the sea but the land for her

when she had failed to put the car

in park. 


Saiom Shriver





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