3 Republican Private Citizens Committed Treason And Became Warmongering Presidents




3 presidents, Bush 1, Nixon, and Trump, committed treason as private citizens in order to

 live in the White House.  More Republicans became president through election crimes.

a. G H W Bush and James Woolsey as private citizens March 12 1980 met with Iranian arms dealers who agreed to keep the US embassy hostages in jail in Iran until election day in order to help Reagan beat Carter. Oliver North for G H W Bush had sabotaged Carter' rescue helicopter mission as well.

b. Richard Nixon as a private citizen employed Anna Chenault to be his messenger as he wrecked LBJ's peace overtures to Vietnam. The Vietnamese thought they would get better peace conditions from Nixon & Kissinger who violated the Logan Act and committed treason. Instead they got 7 more years of war and millions more deaths.


c. Trump 2016.  Israeli UAE & Russian firms helped Trump with his fraudulent win. Joel Zamel of Wikistrat was at the Trump Tower meeting


Other Republican presidents who became so 

d. George W Bush became president because of crimes by his brother Jeb who removed hundreds of thousands illegally from the voting rolls, who sent police into black precincts to block off roads (NEO radio host J Albright witnessed this). The Jacksonville Times Union deliberately ran a special edition for the predominantly black areas of town instructing that every page of the ballot be voted. 20,000 voters were disqualified.

Three Trump operatives, John Bolton, Brett Kavanaugh, and Roger Stone, were in Florida organizing the Brooks Brothers riot at election headquarters and/or overseeing vote count fraud. Antonin Scalia refused to recuse himself in Gore V Bush though 2 of his sons were representing Bush before him. He and 4 other Supreme Court Republicans criminally stopped the vote in Florida.  Bush would go on to invade Iraq.

e. Gerald Ford

In order for Henry Kissinger, who was an operative for Nelson Rockefeller until that man's death,

to achieve the presidency for Rockefeller, they had to remove 3 obstacles: Agnew, Nixon and Ford.

Agnew was indicted for fraud and forced to resign. Nixon was impeached through Kissinger's work

with Deep Throat Mark Felt, 2nd in command at the FBI, as well as through E Howard Hunt's breakin

at the Watergate of which Nixon was ignorant when it happened. Nixon had nominated Ford as his VP.

Ford became president when Nixon resigned and nominated Nelson Rockefeller. There was an assassination

atempt on Ford by a member of the Manson family (Manson a CIA operative.) The attempt failed

and Rockefeller died having been a VP but never president. 

f.. Rutherford B Hayes... did not receive the popular vote.




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