US Senators To Vote Out In 2020 Or Impeach Now



These Republican senators up for election in 2020 have supported Trump's agenda and voted our tax dollars for illegal immoral wars of loanshark capitalism and religious hatred. People, mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles, trees were bombed and burned alive in these wars.  Every one of them voted for dovehunter serial executioner Neil Gorsuch whose election was greased by billionaire Philip Anschutz and for

Brett Kavanaugh, torture advocate who worked on the Brooks Brothers riot in 2000 in order to steal the election from our elected president Al Gore.

They all voted against the the Affordable Care Act and for a taxcut for billionaires which increased our national debt by 1 to 2 trillion dollars.


They all voted to allow trophy

hunters to murder bear cubs, wolf puppies, and adult mammals in ANWR

the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They voted to turn the animal sanctuary into a shooting gallery for trophy hunters Donald Trump, Ryan Zinke and Safari Club members who love to stalk animals in the woods. They voted to allow aerial hunting or weaponized planes which is outlawed in many countries. Shooting a herd of caribou running terrorized below planes is even worse than shooting fishes in a barrel.


Alaska Dan Sullivan

Arkansas Tom Cotton

Colorado Cory Gardner

Georgia David Perdue

Idaho Jim Risch authored legislation to murder sealions.

Iowa Joni Ernst installed by the Koch Brothers.. would have lost the election but for the mysterious

death (murder?) of Doug Boutzier, Libertarian candidate. A woman who

bragged she castrated piglets.

Kansas Pat Roberts serves Kansas slaughterhouse interests

Kentucky Mitch McConnell a criminal

Louisiana Bill Cassidy

Maine Susan Collins  chose to be the swing vote installing Kavanaugh

Montana Steve Daines foe of animals

Nebraska Ben Sasse tool of Nebraska livestock interests

North Carolina Thom Tillis

Oklahoma Jim Inhofe  one of 2 initial cosponsors left in the Senate who introduced the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act which criminalized nonviolent protest by animal protectors.

South Carolina Lindsey Graham aggressive promoter of Brett Kavanaugh

South Dakota Mike Rounds

Tennessee Lamar Alexander

Texas John Cornyn was a Texecutioner before becoming  senator,  has participated in canned hunts in which captive birds were released from nets directly in front of him.

West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito advocate of mountaintop mining in WV

Wyoming Mike Enzi  authored legislation to murder migrating birds

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