Causes Of Pedophilia


Causes Of Pedophilia 


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Some causes of pedophilia:

1. Because of an abusive parent, teacher, relative
or friend, some adults are frozen in their past childhoods and
may have a sexual preference for children.

2.  Those forced to be celibate against their wills, like water seeking low places, are often likely to find an outlet among the powerless. They are not alone in seeking a vulnerable sex object. one less likely to oppose aggression. Either the weakness is exciting to them, or the desire to be protected from punishment causes them to
choose a weak sex object.

3. Some men are born with an XYY chromosome pattern. These men have, generally, a stronger sex drive than the normal XY pattern.

4.. Men who feel unattractive are more likely to purchase sex or to look for a person who can be forced.

5. The sexualization of children in tv advertising and tv shows is also a factor.  Lifetime TV is a network which has sexualized children. 3

6. Around the world the military have separated husbands from wives. Pedophilia is a consequence.

7 The corporation Dyncorp was involved in supplying child prostitutes in Bosnia. 1

8. It is more rare but women too can be pedophiles.

9. The Thai government has begun to act after years of inaction about rampant pedophilia as men from around the world traveled there. 2

At most Indian ashrams, those discovered to be pedophiles are expelled.


"To understand all is to forgive all."  (author unknown)  Yet to forgive behavior is not to tolerate actions which violate the rights of children.






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